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My goal is to create an "as comprehensive as possible" selection of Sekhmet-related links. New Links will initially be added to the top of the list and will be sorted into categories after about a month. If you know of any links that I'm missing, please email me!

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New Links (added January 4, 2003 and May 22, 2003)

This Russian site has some lovely photos of Sekhmet statues.
Lioness of the Sun
A fiction novel by Lorraine Tartasky, set in 18th dynasty Egypt and featuring Sekhmet as the Defender of Ma'at.
Teachings of the Lioness
LION -- Keynote: Assertion of the Feminine and the Power of the Female Sun; Cycle of Power: Year-round
Sekhmet as Goddess of Healing, Justice and the Sunset
Sekhmet was known as the protector of the righteous, vengeance and swift justice. Today she is revered by worshipers in the field of the healing arts.
is a temple dedicated to help learn more about the religion, the spirituality, and the belief systems of Ancient Egypt.  It belongs to a sisterhood of temples, called Per Ankh, that is dedicated to the Netjeru and bringing about knowledge of the Kemetic religion.
Ancient Worship(pers) Back to top
Sekhmet -- The Eye of Ra
Information about Sekhmet from the Ancient Egyptian Virtual Temple.
All About Bast
Back in August of 1997 I wrote an essay on Bast. There just seemed to be too much bad information on Her out there. I wanted to make a dent in that and present the information I had culled in a format that was appealing and easily accessible. So here it is. Enjoy!
The Temple of Mut at Karnak
From Tour Egypt: "The court has rows of statues of Sekhmet. All the statues are identical and some of them are broken."
Temple of Opet at Karnak
In the central court of the temple lies a statue of the lioness Sekhmet, an alter and a pool. The layout of the central court was linked to the healing power of Sekhmet. Ancient Egyptians used to ask for Sekhmet's help and power in the case of sickness.
The 100 Names of Sekhmet
This list of the Names of Sekhmet is is an actual inscription taken directly from the Temple of Karnak. These Names are also referred to by Robert Masters in his book, "The Goddess Sekhmet" and are an excellent meditation/contact tool.
Sekhmet: Mighty One
"A sun goddess. She represents the scorching, burning, destructive heat of the sun. She was a fierce goddess of war, the destroyer of the enemies of Ra and Osiris. Her temper was uncontrollable. In the legend of Ra and Hathor, Sekhmet's anger became so great, she would have destroyed all of mankind if Ra had not taken pity on us and made her drunk..."
The Legend of Ra and Hathor-Sekhmet
A legend of Sekhmet as told at the Egyptian Galleries website. EXCELLENT original artwork and photographs!
The Kingdom of Lions
Sekhmet as one of the list: The Lion as a God or Monster
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Sekhmet and the Egyptian Worship of Feline Deities
Information about Sekhmet from a modern worshipper in San Francisco, California.
Living Nuhati Website For World Peace
This new Wisdom Teachings site is under the patronage of a San Diego based fellowship called Sushen Hah Ma- The Eternal Lotus Fellowship. Their website is extraordinary, and it has an auspicious prayers forum with magnificent prayer pages for Neb Ptah and Nobyit Sokhamit (Sekhmet).
Names of the Netjer: Sekhmet
Information from, the online home of the path of Kemetic Orthodoxy.
The Goddess Sekhmet: The Return of the Feminine Ray
This page will be dedicated to information and services that help to open and support this reborn energy.
Sekhmet: Protectress of the Divine Order
Ii-wy em hotep! (Welcome in peace!) to, a site dedicated to my spiritual mother Sekhmet, Lady of the Scarlett-Coloured Garment.
Sekhmet's Dawn
The Internet Shrine of a modern worshipper: "Tis the dawn of a new millineum and a new century: a time for greater tolerance of all faiths and beliefs. And I believe the Goddess Sekhmet, guardian and protector of Ma'at is a start in the right direction. May Goddess bless you and keep you well in all of your days."
Embracing the Heavens: Eqyptian Iconography in the August 1999 Eclipse
An article by a professional astrologer, discussing the Khemetic connotations of the recent eclipse.
Sekhmet: Personal Powers
From a Cross Section of Egyptian Idols, A Recent KnowMadz Archive Data Excavation Recovery... A partial listing of Ancient Egyptian Idols from the bronze age of history.
Tribute to the Goddesses Bast & Sekhmet
from Mooncat's Scratching Post: One of the most powerful goddesses in the entire ancient Egyptian pantheon was Sekhmet, who could unleash her redoubtable powers for the destruction of mankind.
From Milo's Tameran Witchcraft site, dedicated to Bast.
The Page of Sekhmet - Goddess of Healing, Justice and the Sunset
Sekhmet is the Goddess of the sunset, destruction, death, and wisdom. The cycle of life and death was created when the Goddess Sekhmet-Bast divided into two sisters, Sekhmet and Bast.
Sekhmet's Pride Homepage
Greetings, and welcome to Sekhmet's Pride. This is a website designed and dedicated to promoting awareness for the often misunderstood Egyptian Goddess, Sekhmet. Includes a Mailing List and a Webring.
Sekhmet and Ptah Forum
A site with a Sekhmet-related email list, chat room and Internet posting forum.
Robert Master's Sekhmet
A site from the author of The Goddess Sekhmet - Psychospiritual Exercises of the Fifth Way, the only modern book I know of solely dedicated to Sekhmet.
Sekhmet's Own
A site birthed from the Onelist mailing list by the same name.
Home Site of Richard Harris
This is the start point for my personal web sites. The only common thread is that they represent a few of my dilettante interests, both personal and professional, including The Sekhmet Gateway to Ancient Egypt (-- Under Construction --).
Soror Sekhmet - Hermetic Alchemical Order of the QBLH
Greetings Fellow Stars! I have begun to bring together the information that has proven to be helpful in my ever initiating process of the integration of higher and lower self....
Lady Sekhmet's Home Page at Netjeru Crossings
A page by A'soru, Priest of Tehuti and Priest to Sekhmet.
Sekhmet's Webspace
Dedicated to Egyptology, History, Health, Plant Remedies, Recipes and anything else that takes Sekhmet's interest.
Cat-Headed Beings
Thoughts about Sekhmet and Bast from The Other Side.
Practical Egyptian Magical Spells
A spell calling on Sekhmet for Protection against Food Poisoning
Temples Back to top
The Sekhmet Temple
Located in Cactus Springs, Nevada (near Las Vegas), this Goddess Temple is the fulfillment of a promise made to Sekhmet by Genevieve Vaughn.
Welcome to the Temple of Sekhmet
The Sekhmet page of Raven, a Priestess of Isis in the Fellowship of Isis.
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Sekhmet Statuary
Available for sale online at the Goddess Gallery.
Standing Sekhmet Statue
From Abaxion: Lionheaded and enthroned, this is the "negative polar aspect" of the divine feminine which tests, scours and teaches wisdom. Sekmet was a personification of the chaotic darkness which brings light out of ignorance.
Traveling to Egypt with Nicki Scully
Nicky Scully is an author and teacher in the fields of metaphysics, shamanism and healing... and a priestess of Sekhmet. Her work combines energetic healing techniques with shamanistic principles to provide integrated and balanced healing and growth processes.
A full color print of Sekhmet
As featured in "The Goddess Oracle" -- a potent tool for self-transformation and healing. This Oracle features 52 gorgeous Goddess paintings by Hrana Janto and a remarkable book by ~Amy Sophia Marashinsky.
Bast and Sekhmet: Eyes Of Ra
This aim of this site is to give an overview of the forthcoming book Bast and Sekhmet: Eyes Of Ra by Storm Constantine & Eloise Coquio and includes extracts from various chapters of the book.
Artwork Back to top
Sekhmet Sacred Art Index
This web-site was created to honor the creative side of Sekhmet, the lioness-headed Goddess of ancient Egypt whose many titles and names include: "Mother of Images," "At Whose Wish the Arts were Born," "The Source," and "Beautiful Face, Image most Beloved by Art."
Statue of Sekhmet
Shown at the Phoenix Art Museum, this dates to New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, 1380 B.C.
Statue of the Lion Goddess Sekhmet
In a small shrine, some distance from the large Karnak complex, is a small shrine to the goddess Sekhmet that still houses the original statue. Sekhmet is the Lion goddess of Healing and of War. At times the lighting entering this shrine can be extremely dramatic.
Sekhmet Painting
A color painting of Sekhmet by Sandra M. Stanton -- She holds a mirror representing the head of Hathor, c. 1460 BCE, and stands in front of a representation of herself from the tomb of Imen M. Hebra, Egypt.
Hymn to Sekhmet
Welcome to Vibrani's One Source, the Keys of Ur, which is dedicated to love; the One Source of all. Vibrani's focus is personal transformation through open knowledge for all, communication, self-empowerment, compassion, integration, responsibility and nurturing life, while always respecting autonomy.
The Lioness Goddess Sekhmet-Inscribed for Pharaoh Amunhotep III
From the "Splendours of Ancient Egypt" exhibit at the Florida International Musuem, January 10 - June 9, 1996.
Sekhmet: Ancient Egyptian Goddess
Arabeth and Phoenix's page about Sekhmet. These visionary artists (Web sites, banners, tattoos, henna, books, and both hosts of and contributors to the Virtual Art Gallery) have a site well worth checking out!
The Lion-Headed Goddess of War,Violent Storms, Pestilence, and Recovery from Illness, Contemplates the Desert in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. A wonderful poem told from Sekhmet's modern perspective.
Western Legal Tradition: American University
Statues of Sakhmet, the avenging goddess, with the head of a lioness, and Khnum, the "molder of limbs," who makes men out of clay. These are two of the gods Pharaoh is said to represent in the Loyalist Instruction.
Healing Back to top
Information from the AngelReiki site about this Egyptian-based healing technique.
Information from the Reikigroup site about this Egyptian-based healing technique.
The World of Sekhem
Welcome to the World of Sekhem, the healing power practiced by the high priests of the temples of Ancient Egypt.
Sekhem Healing
An ancient Egyptian system of healing through the Human Energy Field (Aura). The energy and teachings of Sekhem were believed to have been given to the Egyptian priests and priestesses by the Goddess Sekhmet.
Other Back to top
Sekhmet at Kabalarians.
The meaning of the name 'Sekhmet' from the Kabalarian point of view.
Sekmet at Kabalarians.
The meaning of the name 'Sekmet' from the Kabalarian point of view.
Sekhmet in animation
Notes on Sekhmet's appearance in the animated series "Mummies Alive".
Fur Nation
This network provides information for the anthropomorphic community and hosts websites which promote concepts of human/animal characters, fantasy artwork, creative literature, convention information, worldwide clubs and organizations, and other anthropomorphic resources.
Your Web Directory of Egypt
Lion as a Totem Animal
"Feminine Strength and Patience: Lion is the symbol of the power of feminine energy: the female hunts and kills prey, feeds the group and takes care of the young. She is the nurturing force in all senses." From "Lakota" - a site of personal growth, metaphysics and spirituality.

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