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Sa Sekhem Sahu!

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Reiki Level 1 certificate

On March 6 and 7 of 1999, my sister Zohara and I received attunements in Usui Reiki Levels I and II from Peggy Jentoft, a local energy worker / healer with several Web sites full of great information about Reiki, Huna, Drisana, Angels and various other healing energies (click on the certificates to visit two of them), the latest being The HERETIC SANCTUARY of the Los Angeles County Healing Center -- an Energy Work and Spiritual Healing Ministry.

Reiki Level 2 certificate

Just over a year later (March 2000), Zo and I returned to Peggy for our Reiki III/Master attunement.

Blessings flow from the ancient rite
Raising the spirit and clearing the sight
Let Peace the Circle Temple fill
And this Healing serve the Highest Will*

*Thanks to my dear friends in Willow Lodge for 3/4 of this prayer!

For more information (books and links) about Reiki, please visit my Research Links page.

For more information about Sekhem (a form of healing similar to Reiki, but with its roots in Ancient Egypt), please visit my Sekhmet Links page.

Peggy's Reiki Lineage

This insistence on the lineage thing is relatively new and was not being emphasized much when I was taking classes, but I took my first classes (1   2 and 3 a) from Alexis Somerfeld who had lineages from Bethal Phaigh, Beth Grey and Barbara W Ray (Radiance ).

  • My  first official Master class was from Marcie Rose who's lineage is Irving Feurst back to Arthur L Rombinson
  • here is Irving's lineage:  Phylis Furomoto (Mrs Takata's Granddaughter, Reiki's Grand Master), Dr. Arthur L Rombinson (Founder, American Reiki Master Association) Fuerst PLUS William Lee Rand (Founder, Usui-Tibetan Reiki-Center for Reiki Training), Kathleen Milner (Founder, Tera Mai™ Reiki), Ralph White (Founder, Tibetan Reiki). plus Irving is probably the foremost channeler of energy systems alive today)  
  • I have also taken multiple attunements and training from several  other masters in the Katherin Milner lineage which also goes back to Iris Ishikura

and additional master attunements from Jennifer who trained with William Rand and from another Beth Gray-trained Master, Kathryn Caroltyn (may have misspelled that) I also received training and remote attunement from Anika Lyndstrom of the Rolf Erikson (non-Takata) lineage.

I have exchanged master attunements and information with over 20 Reiki masters, mostly in the popular and prolific Milner /Rand /Webber/ strands, and also including one trained by Mary McFadden.  There are others as well as with a larger number without any real info or class type exchange from them.

I also studied in person in Reiki share classes with people in Fran Brown's lineage and Ethel Lombardis and several more of Bethal Phaigh's students (including attunements from some) and have received info from VRSC Crane who took first and second From Takata herself.

You can see why I don't put lineage in my sig line -- it would be too long.  This is not complete because I was not keeping track that well.  I've also exchanged attunements and manuals with Sandra Mariana who took Lauri Grant's classes.  I've also taken the GRAMMA attunements and attunements in Karuna Ki MenChos, Sechim, Teramai, Lightarian, Gemstone, and some other varients, not to mention those I've channeled.

For a while there I was exchanging remote Master attunements with lots of RM from the Alt Reiki news group because they could pick up symbol-less activations and modes and power settings and crown to crown attunement etc from me.

Anyway I have lineages from at least 8 of Takata's 22 masters.  I am not absolutely certain of a couple of others and at least one non-Takata lineage.  That does not Count Seiji Takamuro or other non corporal Attuners.

Was that more than you wanted to know?

The Reiki Symbols

There are some who say that these symbols are so sacred that they should not be shown to anyone who has not been attuned to Reiki Level II.  Personally, I believe that they are symbols... beautiful and powerful within the Reiki system, but just symbols nonetheless.  Click here and here for some similar thoughts on this subject. 

If you wish to follow the tradition of not seeing them until or unless you receive attunements, please exit this page now; otherwise, please go ahead and scroll down for some very "energetic" versions of the symbols.






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