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Sa Sekhem Sahu!

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Fellowship of Isis Convocation, 1998
Warning: graphics intensive!

In October of 1998, Zohara and I made a trip up to Isis Oasis in Northern California for the annual Convocation of the Fellowship of Isis, which turned out to be -- in part -- a gathering of Sekhmet priestesses. The highlights for me were meeting these priestesses and Lady Olivia, the Caduceus meditation led by Nicki Scully, the Sekhmet Mystery Play on Saturday night, and the Sekhmet Empowerment ritual led by Lady Sekhmet on Sunday morning.

Sekhmet Priestesses
Sonia Sierra Wolf, Lady Sekhmet, Nicki Scully
Catherine and Aostara
Catherine (a priestess of Mary Magdalene) and Aostara
loliv.jpg (18571 bytes)
Lady Olivia, Aostara, Zohara
Zo and the Temple
Zohara in front of the Isis Oasis Temple

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